Q Courses are designed, managed, and operated by the Coffee Quality Institute (CQI) to create skilled and credible specialty coffee cuppers. This full 6-day course comprises a 3-day series of practice and followed by an intensive 3-day exam. This course will be conducted by international trainers/Q Instructor.
This course is to provide participants with a professional understanding of advance cupping using SCA’s scoring system. A comprehensive 3-day training in which students will learn cupping and grading protocols that ideal for baristas, roasters and coffee professionals to develop their knowledge of sensory skill for specialty coffee. 
This 3-day training is designed for those who have no prior specialty in coffee experience and would like to learn the techniques behind espresso making. This course is also ideal for home professionals who like to deepen their barista skills.
This light-fun 3-hours class covers the importance of cupping for company and personal benefit, tasting coffee to evaluate it using an industry standard cupping system.
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