Segafredo Zanetti

Segafredo Zanetti was founded by Mr. Massimo Zanetti in the 1970s. The company was initially developed within Italy, where it soon rose and became a leader in the foodservice industry. Prior to conquering the international markets, the brand extended a set of retail offerings into the retail market. The brand is now the leader in Espresso production throughout the world and in Italy. Serving major clients in different distribution channels all around the world, Segafredo Zanetti promises to offer the most famous and appreciated Italian Coffee to coffee connoisseurs.

Segafredo Zanetti’s key values will engage and influence the consumers’ buying decisions and make them embrace the Italian “espresso” culture:


Special care and attention to detail is displayed, from the selection of beans and roasting techniques to create the perfect blend, to the barista’s finishing touches for coffee art.

Premium Quality

Only the best quality beans from some of the best coffee growing regions around the world are selected and expertly roasted for you to enjoy. From the art of the blending and roasting in modern premises, an uncompromising approach to the quality in product experience is adopted.


At the very heart of the Segafredo Zanetti brand is a focus on delivering a truly authentic Italian coffee experience -from the handpicked coffee beans, to the roasting by a Segafredo master roastelc to drinking delicious coffee from cups – ‘Wade in Italy”.