Caswell’s Drip Bag Coffee

Drip Coffee Caswells

Jakarta –Boncafe Indonesia unveiled a convenient to use hand-poured drip bag coffee pouch with the brand of Caswells Coffee. The coffee is selected from Caswells best seller of both Indonesian Single Origin Coffee and International Single Origin Coffee.

Caswell’s drip bag coffee pouches are made of a filter bag filled with ground coffee, designed to be placed over a cup. Simply pour hot water into the filter and allow the coffee to steep and drip into the cup. Repeat the hand pour two to three times and adjust the amount of water to taste, for a freshly brewed, aromatic cup of Caswell’s coffee.

Unlike instant coffee, the hand-poured drip coffee contains freshly ground 100% Arabica coffee. The lightweight pouches are portable and convenient to brew anywhere hot water is available: at home, in the office, while traveling, and outdoors. Caswell’s allows consumers to enjoy the aroma and taste of a cup of brewed coffee without the brewing equipment. In one box, drip bag coffee is available in five variants: Colombia Supremo, Ethiopia Biri Chereka, Papua New Guinea, Flores Manggarai, and West Java Papandayan.

Caswell’s drip bag coffee is now available at Caswell’s Tokopedia store and Boncafe Showroom in Jakarta, Yogyakarta, and Bali.

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