perfect drink to chill out


Bontea Mix Instan

Bontea Mix instant iced tea collection provides you with the perfect drink to chill out. formulated using a proprietary technology that allows its powder to be instantly dissolved in ice-cold water, Bontea instant ice tea collection presents lemon, peach and apple flavoured teas that are not just refreshing but also easy to prepare



A favorite with all ages, Bonchoco chocolate beverages is a sure winner no matter when and how it is served. Crafted from fermented (honey-processed) and sun-dried West Java Cocoa. Mild balance and bright with rich malt notes and medium-long aftertaste. A velvety smooth chocolate treats, made only with real ingredients


Bon Frappe is the barista and cafe choice of product to prepare a rich, creamy and senational ice blended beverage. It’s versatility allows you to use it for both hot and over ice

Andros Chunky

Fruit preparation with large fruit chunks, to add flavor and flair in you beverage and culinary creations. Ideal solution for bartenders and coffee shop to enhance their creations and a perfect topping with natural fruit taste. Andros Chunky made from real fruits, and fully preserved naturalness of fruit without preservative.


Embrace your inner flavorista, from apple to watermelo, caramel to chocolate chip cookie dough – and everything in between – our syrups and sauces are here to help you create tantalizing drinks