Rancilio Classe 20 ASB

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Classe 20 ASB

Rancilio Classe 20 Advance Steady Brew (ASB) 2 Group raises the status of the category in terms of both performance and functionality, introducing a revolutionary system to control temperature stability, an intelligent interface, and an entirely different approach to diagnostics. A fusion of innovation and tradition, Classe 20 inherits some of the distinctive traits of Rancilio espresso machines like the light along the sides, the satin finishes steel and aluminum of the machine body, and at the same time, it boasts new features and some solutions that were copied from the Rancilio Specialty RS1.

Classe 20 ASB is the multi-boiler version. The independent groups which are equipped with a micro-boiler and a heating element, are the maximum guarantee for the thermal stability of the groups, accurately controlling the temperature of the water for each brew. With the Classe 20 ASB, the barista can regulate a different temperature for each group, even during operation, quickly and easily using a touchscreen interface.

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